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So since I’ve been struggling to come up with interesting things to write about I am going to lift some info from Catalyst Athletics. I really enjoyed what Mike Gray wrote here enough that I thought it was worth sharing. I have some video of some of my athletes training that I am editing now and will have out in the next few day’s. Enjoy the article.

1. Learn the correct terms. Snatch, Clean and Jerk. Then learn Power Snatch, Power Clean and Power Jerk. Then keep going until you can name every lift on Greg’s video showcase with out notes.

2. Learn kilos. I am at the point where I convert pounds to kilos in my head. It will make training at real gyms easier and meets as well.

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This past weekend Red Black Gym was privileged to host my lifting Coach Ursula Garza. If you didn’t know, she is a USAW certification coach and a Crossfit Olympic Lifting Level One certification coach and all around bad ass! One thing I know as a lifter and coach is that it is good to bring in someone you trust and know knows their stuff to help other athletes. It’s good to hear different cue’s that might resonate with the athlete and help the “light bulb” go off. I actually had this conversation with a young lady I coach while attending the seminar. She then pointed me to an article that was posted on Catalyst Athletics site about this very thing.
So…I thought I would share the article with you all below.

Coach, I Totally Get It Now
Here’s a weird phenomenon to think about, because it’s something that works as a blessing for an athlete and an irritation for a coach. Continue reading…..

One other thing I want to add is that as a coach you can take this one of two ways, get offended or be happy your athlete saw the light. You may have been trying to say the same thing to your athlete, but as long as they get it, and improve, that’s the most important thing.