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Overcoming and pushing through adversity seems to be the learning experience for me post weightlifting meets as of late. My mental ability’s are being pushed and learning to overcome failure is a hard thing for me. I tend to get what I want and failure is not really an option, until I step on the platform in USAW sanctioned meets. This past weekend me and my teammates traveled seventy miles south to Elite Crossfit to compete. We had been going through a rigorous four month training cycle that tested both our physical and mental ability’s. I have gained raw strength and seen pretty good gains in both my snatch and clean & jerk. Hitting numbers that I once dreamed about in the snatch on a regular basis and clean & jerking my old PR several times leading up to this past weekends meet. I was poised to break out and become decent weightlifter. 

My confidence in myself showed in the opening lifts I had picked going into the meet. 102kg was my opening snatch, and an all time meet PR. I hadn’t even attempted it in a meet. It when off just as I had envisioned it. My plan was then to snatch 107kg which I had been hitting in training and then on to a new all time PR of 110kg. Problem is I missed the 107. Damn! Come to find out I blew my juice on that second attempt. I would have to settle on a new meet PR of 102kg. No worries, I had clean & jerk to conquer! 

So at one time my clean was my bread and butter. I could out clean most people around me and felt real good about the movement. I had a coach at one time that made some changes to my set up and the movement has never been the same again. Well……..I have moments when the movement is good and I am as strong as ever. Earlier in the week before the meet I cleaned & jerked 130kg with fairly good ease. Because of that moment in time I felt poised to get a huge PR for myself. My opener was 127kg and I had my sites on 137kg. Obviously by the video I never got past 130kg. I am disappointed to say the least. 

So….I can go two different ways here. Sulk about it, and think it’s never gonna happen for me, or attack this mother f#@ker like never before! If you know me, you know the answer. I am a man on a mission and the mission is kill! Kill the snatch, kill the clean & jerk. I am going to eat clean, train hard and KILL! anything that get’s in my way. Next meet September 29th……stay tuned!

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